Danish International Media Festival

The Danish International Media Festival is Europe’s biggest event for journalists, and has grown considerably since its beginnings in 1996: this year, the number of participants on 20th and 21th of November 2016 will exceed 1,200.

The Danish International Media Festival is an event which takes place every second year, presenting the most interesting, topical and in-depth subjects in the media and communications industries. This year, the festival will encompass around 70 different sessions relating to journalism, communication, photography and graphics. At the event you will be able to hear presentations by major Danish and international media players, meet the leading lights of the sector, and encounter unusual and inspirational ideas.

The Danish International Media Festival is organised by the Danish Union of Journalists, and the topics at the conference are directed at the broad mass of members of the union. This means that the festival is just the place to discover new facts about other corners of the media and communication industries, or cultivate your own interests for two days of enjoyable supplementary training. The presentations and the presenters may well provide opinions or perspectives which deviate from those usually represented by the Danish Union of Journalists.

Each time the festival is held, top politicians, editors-in-chief, theorists, practitioners, artists, intellectuals and many other people with something to say are invited to take part. This creates a melting pot of knowledge-sharing and inspiration, and will hopefully result in you leaving the media festival with a new zest for the everyday work of media and communications.

The Media Festival aims to challenge you
All opinions are permitted at the Danish International Media Festival. Both the presenters and the participants come to be challenged, and it is therefore completely in the spirit of the festival that various sessions will provoke people and reveal new sides of issues with which the participants may have come into contact during their daily work in media and communications.

It is important for the participants at the Media Festival to receive input and inspiration from players from beyond Denmark’s borders. Accordingly, a number of international speakers are always invited to take part, all of whom contribute in their different ways to providing extra value for the participants and bring diversity to the event.

From the start, the Media Festival has aimed to provide an oasis at which media people can take a break from their everyday work and be given an opportunity to criticise and be criticised. In this way the Media Festival takes the lead in a media world which sometimes finds it difficult to criticise itself.

A feast for the eyes and ears
Not only is there great diversity in the range of topics presented at the various sessions in the Media Festival; there is also great diversity in the ways in which the topics are presented. Some sessions take the form of panel debates, others are presentations from individual speakers, while others again are organised as workshops and round-table discussions between the participants and speakers. All of the sessions and presenters have been carefully selected by a programme committee of experts, which means that you will encounter the best of the best at the Media Festival.

The Media Festival is not only a feast for the ears, but also for the eyes. There are exhibitions of photos, graphic work and posters, as well as a cinema showing the latest documentaries and other relevant films and TV programmes which relate to the media and communications sector.

On the evening of the first day, the Media Festival traditionally invites its participants to attend a dance at which they can socialise with old friends, fellow students and colleagues over a glass of draught beer, or network for new contacts. The participants appreciate this, and fun and satire are an essential spice at the Danish International Media Festival.

The Media Festival cooperates with a number of Danish and international partners to ensure that the best knowledge is gathered at the festival for the benefit of the participants.

The following speakers, amongst many others, have formerly appeared at the Danish International Media Festival:

Hans Blix, Seymour Hersh, Tony Maddox, Andrew Jennings, Andrew Keen, Mark Briggs, Bob Drogin, Peter McEvoy, Nick Wrenn, Günther Walraff, Åsne Seierstad, Chris Cramer, Donald MacIntyre, David Montgomery, Joi Ito, Stephen Sackur.

Programme director: Hans Jørgen Dybro