Copy and share, enrich and steal. Who owns your content?

In the opinion of journalist and author Cory Doctorow, copying digital content is a good thing. Hear him unfold his arguments, and get the counterarguments from a copyright expert.

Monday 12.30-2.00 pm

The stage is set for debate of very fundamental character when controversial Canadian journalist and author Cory Doctorow meets lawyer Peter Schønning at the International Media Festival for a verbal duel on the issue of copyright. The question is whether others should be allowed to copy the content that you have produced.

Doctorow is a British-Canadian journalist and author, and is also a prominent critic of the traditional view of copyright. At the International Media Festival, he will explain why he believes that copying is good for business, creativity, people and society.

In the opposite corner of the ring is Peter Schønning, one of Denmark’s leading experts in copyright. He disagrees with Doctorow, and instead views intellectual property rights as a cornerstone of the knowledge economy.

Doctorow and Schønning will each be given a half-hour to put across their views, and they will then meet for a half-hour debate, in which the audience can also participate. The session will therefore last ninety minutes.

The whole thing will be chaired by Henrik Føhns of the P1 radio programme Harddisken.