World-class multimedia stories

The International Media Festival has hoped to get Brian Storm onto its list of speakers for a long time. Now we have succeeded. You can look forward to 90 minutes with one of the world's finest creators of interactive multimedia stories.

Sunday 1.30-3.00 pm

Brian Storm is not just skilled at telling stories – he is also one of the world's experts in using the right media mix to create a story and give it impact.

In daily life, he works with ten colleagues and partners at his Brooklyn-based multimedia company, MediaStorm. MediaStorm has won innumerable awards for its interactive multimedia stories. Four Emmy Awards and five Online Journalism Awards are among the trophies.

One of the secrets behind MediaStorm's success is the company’s co-operation with photographers and photojournalists, whose pictures and recordings play a very important role in its productions.

Brian Storm was for many years director of multimedia at, and for two years he was Vice President of News, Multimedia & Assignment Services for Corbis, a digital media and picture agency founded and owned by Bill Gates.

Brian Storm will take you on a spectacular narrative journey, and his host will be Morten Bay, a Danish journalist and writer living in Los Angeles.

You can read more about MediaStorm here.